5 of The Most Mysterious Missing Persons Cases

  1. Brandon Lawson. In this case, he makes a phone call to his brother Kyle saying that his car had run out of gas while he was on the highway. He also makes a phone call to 911 panicking. In this brief phone call he suggests that somebody was chasing him into the woods. He eventually stops responding to the 911 operator. When authorities and family arrive at the scene, he is nowhere to be found. His belongings were left in his car. Kyle reveals there was another phone between his brother and him where Brandon apparently had said he was bleeding. There have been additional searches, but nothing has turned up. To this day Brandon Lawson remains missing.
  2. Lars Mittank. Him and his group of friends went on a trip to Bulgaria from the 30th of June until the 7th of July. During this trip with his friends, he was allegedly involved in two different fights. One of these fights caused him to make a trip to the hosptial due to a ruptured ear drum. His doctor prescribed him an antibotic called Cefuroxim. This can have bad side effects when mixed with alcohol or drinking. At some point the night before their flight, Lars and his friends went to go hang out again, but got hungry and wanted to go eat at mcdonalds. Lars apparently split up from his group at this time, where he actually went is still unknown. Lars told his friends he had gotten into a second fight with the same people from the first fight. His friends however didn’t believe him. The day they were supposed to leave, Lars stayed behind because of his eardrum. But eventually he started to get anxious and paranoid and believed people were out to get him because of his antibotics. He told his mother to cancel all his cards. She bought him a plane ticket to go back home, but security footage captures Lars entering the airport and going to the medical center. After this, a man walks into the center triggering his anxiety, he gets up and just sprints out of the hospital and is seen jumping over a fence. This was the last offical sighting of Lars Mittank.
  3. Brian Shaffer. This case is very confusing to alot of people. This college medical student goes to a bar near campus with his friends. He is seen entering on CCTV footage. At some point, he got seperated from his friends during the night. His friends waited for him outside after the bar closed, but he never showed up. They assumed he had already left. The bar itself was equipped with multiple security cameras because it was in a area where there was a lot crime. None of these cameraa caught him leaving the bar. He has been missing for 11 years and counting.
  4. Rebecca Coraim. There isn’t too much information about this case. Rebecca worked on a disney cruise. When she got to the boat, she told her parents she’d call them. She never did. Rebecca also never showed up to her 9am shift at work. Her co-workers went looking for her but didn’t find her. CCTV footage on the cruise ship shows that she was on the phone with someone at 5:45am. In the footage she was wearing baggy mens clothes and seemed upset and angry about what was being discussed on the phone. After this, there were no more sightings of her. There are several theories about her disappearance, the biggest one being that she fell overboard.
  5. Maura Murray. She crashed her car after losing control, and ended up in a snow bank. Someone passing by called the police even though she said she didn’t need any help. When police arrived, her car had been locked and she was gone. She left no footprints in the snow. Eventually it was found out that she had taken money out of her account and lied about a death in her family. All her stuff in her dorm was packed up. To this day there have not been any sightings of her. The theory is that she did this willingly and ran away.

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